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Pretty Lady Story

Pretty Lady Upscale Resale, LLC.


Pretty Lady Upscale Resale Boutique was founded and registered with the state of California in November 2014. Pretty Lady launched in Okinawa, Japan November 18th 2014. Owner, T. Denise Manning seen a great need to offer women and girls style and great prices with new or gently used items.


Pretty Lady is more than just a clothing boutique! Pretty Lady donates a portion of its proceeds to inspiring women and grils! Pretty Lady strives to LIFT women up and encoraging them to Imagine their potential.


The name "Pretty Lady" is derived from the owners given sorority name. She was named after a Pink Rose named " Pretty Lady" She believes in representing yourself like a LADY no matter the situation or circumstance.


The love for thrifting and buying vintage clothing is a passion of the owner and she believes there is no greater feeling than getting the bang for your buck even if it is a gently used item.


Majority of the items sold were purchased from the owner traveling to different countries. Africa, Japan, China, Europe and many cities within the USA.


Pretty Lady Upscale Resale aims to encourage ALL women to be their "Pretty" selves inside and out.


Nothing within this boutique is over $50 USD and the in store sales are cash only.

Note: All sales are final.





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