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Are You Ready 

Healing is rarely a straight path. Life can swerve quickly and suddenly there are mountains to climb and rivers to cross. What better way to heal and learn to navigate life’s winding path than returning to nature?

Who is
Dama Bonita  

Wife. Mama. Life Coach. Holistic Counselor. Yoga Instructor. Author. Combat Veteran. Dr. T. Denise Manning has held many titles, but perhaps, none have suited her as well as “Wonder Woman”.


But, even Wonder Woman has her scars. Through tenacity and true triumph of the human spirit, Mrs. Denise has turned her healing journey into a mission.


"You Can Never Fail If You Manifest Success"

Everything in life starts with your mindset first

and your action second.



Let's take a balanced approach to healing. Mind, body, and soul. Instead of one-size-fits-all solutions, we believe in an integrative approach that incorporates traditional talk therapy with holistic healing modalities.

Holistic Counseling

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Image by Alexandra Mirgheș

There's just something restorative about getting back to nature. We combine the healing power of nature with traditional talk therapy to form a unique approach to emotional release.

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Is there room for joy in therapy? We believe there are many roads to healing. Recreational Counseling brings enjoyable recreational activities together with traditional talk therapy.

​To create a shift and free your energy: start with getting your mind right, and then, take action.



RITA says:

The session with Mrs. D was amazing and life changing! 


MARIA says:

If you're looking to vent and get it all off your chest, you've come to the right place! Mrs. Denise creates a safe space to be yourself and let go everything that feels heavy...


NATALY says:

don't know another Life Coach with a "Masters Degree" in Life coaching! Dama Bonita is the TRUTH! 

You've come to the right place...

Questions? Feedback?

Just want to say hello?

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